– Submit

Send us your prose, poetry, short fiction, creative non-fiction, music, any sort of visual art. There aren’t any restrictions when it comes to form, it’s all about the way your story comes out.

We only ask

– that work be relevant to our goal as a magazine. Anything exploring identity in relation to heritage, culture, ethnicity, geography, community, region, hometown, neighborhood, etc.

a note: As we patiently wait for work from you talented folks, we want to remind you about the theme. It is found in the “about” section of this page and also evident if you’ve read any of our issues. It’s not just that we have a theme, but also that it’s one meant for personal experience. We’re all better than appropriation and savior complexes. Be your own experiences, friends!

Tentative 10 page limit, but send what you have and we’ll be in touch if we want more or less. Along with your work, please include your name, bio, and your blog/website if you have one + want to share it.

Please send all submissions in one .docx or .pdf (or .jpg for art) attachment to mapsforteeth@gmail.com     (please include at least your last name in the file name.)


We look forward to seeing your work!

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