Issue #2: 7901, Beyza Ozer



my house was built on a hellmouth. there is
a family of army ants that say they aren’t

doing any damage but they say this while
they crawl between my stretch marks.

i asked them if they pay rent and the father
says no. he packs up their

things and apologizes for the
inconvenience. the colony

scatters toward my window with their
belongings on their backs. one by one they

jump out of the hole in my wall, ejecting
tiny parachutes to slow down their

fall. goodbye, i say, good luck with

army ants are nomadic and they are
always moving.


beyza ozer is the winner of nothing in particular & a recipient of spam email. their work has appeared in/is forthcoming from skydeer helpking, electric cereal, in the end pretty much everything is mostly water, & other journals. beyza is the author of GOOD LUCK WITH THE MOON & STARS & STUFF(bottlecap press 2015). they are the social media coordinator of the lettered streets press, assistant editor of yesyes books, & editor of probably crying review. beyza lives in chicago & on twitter.

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