Six Questions With Jess Rizkallah (Maps For Teeth)

Thanks DMC!


Without question, Drunk In A Midnight Choir would not have grown like we have over the past year if it wasn’t for the strong support of our friends & family in the literary community. To return that support, we’ve started a new series where William James sits down with one or more editors from independent lit journals we love and asks them about where they came from, where they’re at, and where they’re going. This week, we’re spotlighting our friends in Maps For Teeth. Take a look!

WJ: I’d like to start out by discussing the aesthetic of Maps For Teeth. You have the call out for work that explores “heritage, culture, community, hometown, neighborhood, environment” – can you expand on that a bit, perhaps explain why you chose that particular mission statement?

JR: Work exploring those themes has always fascinated me. It’s because I grew up a first generation kid…

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