this morning / i woke up with my ears ringing, by rebeccalynn gualtieri

this morning
i woke up with my ears ringing
i think
i dreamt of the screams of fatherless boys
& they’ve been echo
in my head all day
& i thought
i was going to write a metaphor
about black folks being murdered
& jesus christ
but i’m tired
& we don’t get
& there’s no
cold concrete
i’m not callin anyone
but it’s not like y’all
are callin us

& i think it’s important
to note that:
i’ve never seen
a dead white person
i don’t have the fingers
to count how many dead black folks i have seen
& i don’t mean
when i look in the mirror
& ask
if i will be ghost
by this time tomorrow
i mean
how long
will you consume our deaths
click link
our bodies, gunshots
click link
no indictment
click link:
black pain.
click link:

white privilege
is watching these videos
& moving on
i don’t think we get lives
i think
we’re born
then we wait to be ghosts
this morning,
i shoved my face into my pillow
& screamed
for everyone




RebeccaLynn Gualtieri is a Boston based poet who eats too much pizza and yells poetry anywhere she can.


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