Noor Wadi

In which her vision is حرية

i keep having this dream

where the sky is pregnant

with our truths

and gives birth to liberation.


in it, we are all

gathered where the earth

smells of lemon

and كعك بالسمسم.



bellies are full,

and hearts and minds, too.


clay-caked palms build walls

only for shelter,

never for partition.

and we sleep sapphire nights

under breezy, glittered sky.



is where the sand pulls forth

olive tree,

and life is sacred.

life is sacred.

life is sacred.



is where “to exist”

is to always have family,

is to know belonging

because it hums in our blood.



our daughters are all smiles

and citrus and sunshine.

their laughter

never an excuse for leering gaze.



children turn to the heavens,

lined with paper kites,

without flinching

at the rumble of foreign jets.



a soft nye sings

the forgotten tunes of our ancestors,

suppressed from our collective memories

by years of occupation.



تيتا and سيدو

rest peacefully in lands they tilled.

their souls cherish the sweetness

of home

of عودة.



is Palestine.


is the home of every colonized people.

here She always was:


                                       finally free.

Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at 8.43.51 PM
Noor Wadi is a law student at the University of Texas in her final year of school, who organizes as an advocate for the Muslim and Palestinian communities. Noor was a member of the UT Spitshine poetry team in 2017. She performs spoken word poetry around the country and has been featured in HuffPostWomen for her poem, “White Lines.”



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