Pushcart Nominations!!!

pizza pi press is thrilled to present our pushcart prize nominations for this year, including FOUR poems from the upcoming issue of maps for teeth!!!! (dropping in a few weeks!) we agonized over this list bc we believe so hard in all the work we publish & bc the new maps issue is [10k flames emojis] but here are the six poems we nominated for what i have been privately referring to as “pizzacarts”

“Black Girl Magic” by Taylor Steele
“AKA TOP SHELF PERVERTS” by Melissa Lozada-Oliva
“A Tale of 2 Bloodz” (After J. Cole) by Julian Randall
“ars poetica” by Sophia Holtz
“my cousin asks me about home” by JR Mahung
“The Bomba Man Talks Shit To Malcolm” by Malcolm Friend

copies of Taylor Steele’s Dirty.Mouth.Kiss will be shipping any day now & you can order it, along with Melissa Lozada-Oliva’s RUDE GIRL IS LONELY GIRL, on our website! as for the other 4 poems, watch this space for maps for teeth winter 2016!!





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